When To Take a Pregnancy Test
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When To Take a Pregnancy Test

There are lots of women trying to get pregnant or trying to find out if they are pregnant. Some of these women are wondering when to take a pregnancy test. It would be a simple thing if there were one answer that included all pregnancy tests but that simply doesn’t happen. All of these pregnancy tests have different instructions. There are general times for when to take a pregnancy test but it may vary with the person and with the test.

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The Pregnancy Test

When to take a pregnancy test and receive an accurate result sometimes is based on the actual test. They have instructions that tell you when to take the pregnancy test. Normally they will instruct you to take the pregnancy test around the day of the next expected period. Some say that you can take it earlier than this.

Pregnancy tests rely on the level of hCG in the body for its results. Since you don’t normally monitor your own, before you take such a test, you have no way of knowing when to take a pregnancy test based on hCG levels. The reason behind waiting until the first day of the next expected period is because by this time, the hormone is normally built up enough in the system to be detected by the test.

Recommendations on When to Take a Pregnancy Test

There are varying recommendations on when to take a pregnancy test. The most common one is to wait until at least the first day of the next expected period. Another recommendation not just pertains to when to take a pregnancy test but on how often or how many tests you should take. Sometimes tests are taken too early for that particular person.

Even though you might follow the advice on when to take a pregnancy test, your body may not have enough hCG in it for the test to detect it. This is one of the reasons why you are advised to take more than one test. This generally rules out the possibility of a false positive or negative unless you are using it wrong or reading it wrong.

Checking with the Doctor

When to take a pregnancy test the first time, if it is the first day of your next expected period, it should be followed by a second test a few days later. You are still advised to see a doctor. If you are showing negative results but noticing symptoms of pregnancy, you may be using faulty tests or using them in the wrong way. Visiting a doctor can prevent you from going on further in your pregnancy without knowing. In the case that you have positive results when you take a pregnancy test, you should see a doctor right away. They will do further testing to ensure an accurate positive result.

When you take this pregnancy test, the doctor will be advising you on how to use it and they will give you the results. Although these tests can still have false results, they are more accurate. If there are any difficulties with the pregnancy or the hCG levels, the medical professional will be informed and you can take the right actions.

Preparing for Pregnancy

Judging either by the results of when you take a pregnancy test or by your visits with the doctor, you will need to start preparing for the pregnancy. There might be lifestyle changes that you need to implement or dietary alterations. If you get a positive result when you take the pregnancy test even without a second test, you can start to prepare. It is better to change your diet and lifestyle for the better is preparation for a pregnancy than putting it off longer and not starting soon enough.

Whether or not you are trying to become pregnant, the earlier you find out about your pregnancy status, the better it is for both you and the child. There are certain things that you need to do when you are pregnant such as taking certain vitamin supplements, eating healthier, and various other things. When you start this early on, it is easier to settle into a routine. Being healthy during pregnancy or at least as healthy as possible, it essential. You are sustaining the life of two people now and you need to be aware of everything that you do and everything that you take into your body. When you take that pregnancy test and you receive a positive result, consider what your next steps are for you and the child.

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