Top Tips For Keeping Your Baby Safe While On Long Car Trips
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Top Tips For Keeping Your Baby Safe While On Long Car Trips

Planning a long car trip with your baby can be a daunting task. How can you keep your little one stay put while on the road? How do you make sure he or she doesn't cry on the entire leg of the journey? Most importantly, how can you guarantee you will arrive safe and sound to your specific destination? It might be challenging at first, but the good news it's entirely doable.

Here are the top tips for keeping your baby safe while on long car trips:

Make safety a priority

Make sure you've got everything you need before hitting the road. Bring a flashlight, first aid kit, safety tools and equipment, and plenty of drinkable water. Secure important numbers in case of an emergency as well as your travel and car insurance.

Also, check if your baby's car seat is properly installed and should be in the rear facing position. Place your child there until your child reaches the age (usually around two years old) where they have reached the maximum rear-facing weight and height limits.

Make safety a priority

Plan strategically

You know the saying, failing to plan is preparing to fail. Ask yourself questions and come up with the solutions before leaving. Can your baby sleep well in the car? If yes, you can plan a trip where your little one sleeps most of the journey where you carefully coincide it with his naptime. However, if otherwise, it's better to leave in the morning or after your baby wakes up.

Anticipate your estimated travel time on the road. Can your baby make it on a single journey without making any stops? Or will you need to take multiple breaks from driving? You need to accept the fact that the longer you strap your child on the car seat, the more he'll grow restless throughout the entire journey.

Finally, expect the unexpected. There will always be unplanned moments like sudden diaper changing, hysterical bouts of crying, and more. Chances are, you'll likely deal with events more gracefully if you've already anticipated what may happen.

Here are some tips to make your baby feel more comfortable during the trip:

baby feel more comfortable during the trip
  • bring baby friendly music with you
  • window shades for a nap-friendly atmosphere
  • bring an assortment of your baby's favorite toys to entertain him during the trip
  • rear view mirror to always keep a watchful eye on your little one
  • cooler and bottle warmer

Preparing your car

It's great if you have another adult traveling with you because someone can look after your baby. However, if you're the only adult, you have to come up with more creative ways how to keep your baby entertained throughout the entire trip.

  • Bring different assortments of toys, but make sure to bring small ones as these can block your line of view while driving.
  • Tape bright colored pictures on the front of which your baby will be facing.
  • Bring plenty of assortments snack and drinks if your child is old enough to eat solids, as well as something you can eat while driving long hours on the road.
  • Bring some calming music or audiobooks that could make everyone entertained during the entire trip.

During the journey

After careful planning and preparing the car to be as baby-friendly as possible, you're ready to go en route to your destination. Just remember to keep these vital things in mind to make things as smooth as possible.

  • Always put you and your baby's safety as your top priority. Make sure at all times that your baby is in your car seat. Never breastfeed while you're in a moving car. No matter how careful you are, you can never foresee an accident. It's best to pull over safely first then nurse your baby.
  • Listen to your instincts- if you need to make a stop, do it. An upset baby while driving can be dangerous. It can make you quickly lose focus on the road. Take time to calm your little one first.
  • Adapt a flexible attitude. There are a lot of things that will happen that's out of your control. However, learn to accept these changes as they come with a positive mindset.
  • If you're with another adult, share the driving duties. It's important to get as much sleep as possible so that you can stay alert.  Additionally, if the one adult is in charge of storytelling, snacks, and keeping the baby entertained, the other can focus on driving.
  • Make a baby changing station inside the car. Spread out a changing pad, bring lots of baby wipes, and then stack all the diapers in one area. That way, everything will be more organized for you, plus you don't have to wrestle with your things if ever an emergency poop happens.
  • The most important of all- never leave your baby in the car alone. Not even for a second.

On your way home

If you've reached your destination safely, and you're relieved. However, it's only just half of the journey. You have to deal with the ride back home as well. You need to plan and organize the trip home and ready it a few days in advance. Secure and refill all the supplies as you plan accordingly.

Ask yourself when is the best time of the day to leave? What have you learned in your previous journey, and how can you apply the lessons you've learned on your upcoming trip? It's the best time to make the necessary adjustments to make your trip to go as smoothly as possible.

The takeaway

Planning a journey with your little one isn't easy. However, by following these top tips for keeping your baby safe while on long car trips, you can prepare much efficiently. Also, you need to adapt a positive attitude and then everything can go as smoothly as planned. However, sometimes no matter how careful you are, unplanned accidents or unforeseen circumstances can happen.
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