How to Stay Healthy and Fit with a Toddler
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How to Stay Healthy and Fit with a Toddler

Kids are an absolute joy and nothing makes a mom happier than watching her children living life to the fullest. But keeping your health in check when you are so involved with your children sometimes seems impossible. And TV has further confused us about how mothers survive with children because either all the moms are perfectly balancing their lives and their perfect figures or they are busy popping pills to not lose their cool with their kids.

So let us assure you, that even though you may not have the time you used to have for yourself, you can still organize yourself and stay as fit and healthy as you need to be:

Health food and balanced diet design

Well, I suppose you need your energy when you are busy running around after your kids so you cannot exactly follow a strict diet. But you must always watch what you are eating. Even keeping count of the calories you consume every day is good enough to help you keep your body in check.

For this, you can download a fitness app on your phone and record everything you eat throughout the course of the day. Also, try to not load yourself with sugary snacks and sodas.

Stock Your Fridge with Healthy Snacks

You cannot possibly raise kids without keeping candy bars, juices, and ice creams in your fridge! And when you have these little monsters in your refrigerator, you sometimes cannot stop yourself from sneaking a helping or two!

Father pouring milk for daughter by fridge in kitchen

This is especially a problem when you are hungry but you cannot find anything but these snacks to munch on. So always remember to stock your fridge with healthy snacks like berries, celery sticks, cucumbers, and other fresh produce of the like.

Workout Regularly

Healthy boy

It might be difficult to work out every day for an hour or so like you probably used to. But even 15-20 minutes is long enough to get a good workout to get through the day with. The best time to work out for mothers like yourself is early in the morning when you wake up. This will make sure your body keeps getting the energy it needs for the rest of the day.

Plan Activities with Your Kids

Mother and daughter playing with soap bubbles

One of the best ways for a mom to stay healthy and active is by running around with their kids. Take your kids to the park and play tag with them, you can also go swimming with them! You don’t have to watch from a distance while your kids have all the fun! This, in fact, also helps in strengthening your bond with your kids as well and they start seeing you as a fun parent instead of a boring one!

Take a Break Every Now and Then

You really don’t have to stay cooped up in the house with your kids all the time; after all, you deserve it after all your hard work! Taking breaks often helps you keep your physical and mental health in check.

So call up your gal pals and spend a night smoking weed and discussing the usual stuff. You can also tag along with your husband, take some time off and go explore the world! Going on vacation with your kids is also a great idea, they can explore the world on their own terms while you can catch a breath of fresh air. When you get back home, you will feel rejuvenated and will feel much happier and much healthier than before.

Make Them Stay Active with You

A lot of moms I know actually do a whole fitness routine with their kids! If you are habitual of working out, you can easily use your kid as a weight and do your usual routine! Your kid will feel like he or she is on a ride and you will get a great workout out of it!

You can also make your kids participate in eating healthy along with you. Kids need their carbs and their energy but it does not necessarily have to come from junk food. If you make your children habitual of eating healthy along with the occasional candy bars they will grow up to develop a habit of eating healthy.

Drink Lots of Water

Water pouring into shot glasses

There are many moms out there who forget to drink water when they are busy running after their children! Please keep in mind that drinking water is an absolute necessity and it will rid your body of over half the potential problems it may be facing. If your skin is rough and your body feels tired all the time, you are probably not drinking enough water.

If you are the kind of person who forgets to drink water in the hustle and bustle of life, you can keep reminders on your phone. You can also infuse the water with fruits so you can get some flavor and it does not feel like you are having something entirely bland.

Remember that juices are not reasonable substitutes for water because of their high sugar content which dehydrates you.

Take Help

Mother helping son use laptop

There is no shame in asking your loved ones for assistance from time to time. You can ask your husband to take over for a while so you can straighten up. You may also call your parents over so they can look after them while you can get some much-needed “me-time”. Look up a trustworthy teenager and make them babysit your children while you are away. Keep checking up on them every once in a while for your peace of mind but do not hesitate!


Girl resting on sofa between parents

Sleep is the one things every mom in the world loses when she has children. How many nights go by when your little munchkin does not wake up because they are hungry or had a bad dream? So you can take naps at daytime, or fix your baby’s sleeping schedule so they do not wake up spontaneously. Avoid giving them sugary things just before bedtime since they disturb sleep.

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