How to stop breastfeeding to your two years kid?
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How to stop breastfeeding to your two years kid?

Breastmilk is the best food for your baby, it’s a natural gift and the benefits of breastfeeding are better to extend beyond basic nutrition. In addition to having all the vitamins and nutrition of your child's first six-month life, breast milk is bound to the contagious substance of the disease, which protects your child from illness.

This is one of the reasons that the child's acupuncture is beneficial for the first six months (though any beneficial for breastfeeding). And scientific studies have shown that it is better to breastfeed for your health.

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Breastfeeding protects your baby from a long list of illnesses

Researchers around the world have shown that stomach viruses, low respiratory diseases, ear infections, and meningitis decrease among breastfeeding to children and when they occur they are less serious.

When should you stop breastfeeding?

During our research on baby products like best double stroller and much more, and also being Pediatrician I have faced a common question that “ when should we stop breastfeeding to our child and how?”

Tips on how you can phase out

If you are enjoying breastfeeding, you can continue as long as you and your baby want. There is no need to stop before that until he is ready for a year, or even two years, depends on both of you old.

How much time is your decision to keep breastfeeding for you? This will depend on your emotionally, like your personal circumstances.

Whatever you decide, try to give your child some breast milk in addition to breast milk till six months of age (exclusive breastfeeding). This will make a healthy start in your baby's life.

Why you may stop breastfeeding?

When your baby turns to around two years, he is old enough to eat solid food then it’s time to stop. You want to keep your breasts up as long as you want your baby. However, if you continue with breastfeeding episodes, you can continue breastfeeding.

When your baby grows up, you reach a point where you think you want to stop breastfeeding. Mammals can be a little unexplained for two years considering a child should have a balance between work and your child's care. In some cases, you may feel that you do not want to continue anymore.

How long could it take?

The process of hunger is different for everyone. For some, it can take a week, especially if the baby is disturbed with the suck.

 For others, it may be for 6 months, especially if it is not ready for your child.

When you are performing your baby trimming plan, make sure that the process is slow. Incredibly your child may be disrespectful to prevent breast cancer and may lead you to some discomfort to deal with angiotromatous breasts. Your time will be adjusted with a slow method and your body time will gradually reduce your milk production.

Here are some tips to stop breastfeeding which can be helpful to you.

Don’t Offer

If your 2-year-olds do not want to breastfeed, you do not give it to them. However, if he insists on giving his needs before (probably he will) ask for the first few days, offer his other options like juice or a cup of cow milk, if he insists on children, then do not reject him. With time, he must learn to gobble gently.

Take It Slow

There is a lot of patience needed to suck a baby. This will help you to adjust to your child's change. The best strategies you can use are starting eliminating nursing sessions during the day. It is because, in the days, your child is very busy and may be busy with the game and the other that will keep his confusing. You will realize that your child gradually starts losing interest in breastfeeding and within a few months he will have to completely surrender.

Try to change the sleep habit

Breastfeeding may sometimes cause your baby to sleep, except without it, she cannot go to bed or sleep in the middle of the night. The best way to break away from this routine is to make another routine. Your child can sing or read a story book if he can help him to wake up before sleeping.

Wear different clothes

Your child may refrain from breastfeeding, allowing your child to easily access your breasts. You should consider wearing clothing that is hard for you to reach your breasts.

Discourage long feeds

If your child likes to eat until he falls asleep, then you should make changes by taking control of his feeding. You can introduce an interesting activity and encourage him to finish quickly so that you can join the activity.

What If Your Baby Still Wants To Continue?

However, if you feel tired, exercise a lot of patience with your child and look at the situation to find out why you feel nursing because you cannot continue nursing like you.

During our survey and research (you can also see our review on best baby jumper) we have talked with lots of moms; some of them said they have applied vinegar or lemon at their nipples to make the test of breast milk not liked by their kids. Some of them use cabbage leaves or ice gel to get help produce less milk.


Feeding the mothers' personal preferences, if your child refuses to stop breastfeeding, then you or your step will stop as per your choice.

However, if you feel tired, practice a lot of patience with your child and find out the situation to find out why you are feeling nursing because you cannot continue nursing like you.

Feeding a mother's personal choice, if your child refuses to stop breastfeeding, you will stop or continue depending on your choice.

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