How to Pack and Organize baby Diaper Bag
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How to Pack and Organize baby Diaper Bag | Best Baby Cares

As funny as it may sound, but it’s the truth – a funny truth to be exact. Judging mommies on how should a mother organize a diaper bag?

At one point, I felt my entire revolved around this hilarious truth.

Just thinking about those times when my bag was a complete mess with everything just thrown in disarray. I remember, those were the days when I felt more chaotic and hectic. In comparison to those days when my diaper bag was perfectly packed with everything in its position.

Do you get where this is heading? Yes, I’m trying to emphasize on the importance of a well-organized diaper bag, which most mommies easily look past.

After the birth of my son, I realized that I have to take this accessory with me everywhere I go. Even when the days of potty training started, I had to carry around the bag.

My notion was that this accessory would make my life a bit easier in those already difficult times. It would help me be prepared.

That’s why I’ve lined up the best tips and tricks to how should a mother organize a diaper bag. Surely, after going through this piece, you won’t find the need to dig deep in your bag to search for things. Here is the complete diaper bag check list

Handling The Little Things

Most of the diaper bags come loaded with pockets. However, I took the whole thing to the next level ensuring that all the tiny stuff is perfectly organized in these pockets. This way, I knew exactly where the things were and I could easily gain access to them.

Bottom line, you need to start small. Don’t run about focusing on those bigger things while completely ignoring those small ‘trouble maker’ items.

There are also many stores where you can find contains in which you can easily place things like tissues, medicines and other important stuff your little one might be needing.

Be Prepared For Those Messy Situations

We all know that one of the key factors of having a diaper bag is to carry around all the necessary items with you for the baby. But that said, its also used for keeping all those soiled clothes the baby messes up.

Those who have babies know how messy they can be. Also, babies like to have some occasional accidents too.

I always carry a wet bag with me for such situations. It’s perfect to keep all those messy clothes and accessories. Now you can keep clean clothes away from the messy, soiled ones.

One more thing, when you need to change the baby’s diaper, you need to keep a changing mat/pad also for this purpose. Let’s not speak mess here. Keep the bag clean. Find a mat that you can roll up and place on the side compartment of the bag.

Now you can have plenty of space and be able to keep your bag neat.

You also need to ensure that the baby wipes are kept in a reachable place. You don’t want to dig deep in the bag just to find the wipes.

And imagine, if the hands are dirty, and you have to find the wipes in your bag. How would you be able to do that with those soiled hands?

To get rid of the diapers, keep disposable plastic bags along as well. They can be used for other purposes too like bottle leakage.

Buy Those ‘Sample-Sized’ Products

Since you need to carry around the baby products and accessories with you whenever you’re out, full-sized items can be a cause of a lot of weight.

Unless you’ve planned a vacation, you will require those products in their full size because who has the time to run to convenient stores to buy a new one.

But if you’re just going to the mall or a friend’s place, the sample sized items are more than enough for your need.

Make sure you don’t have to carry as much weight as possible. Because you have to bear with the weight and no one else.

You can get anything from ointments, powder, shampoos, lotion to the size of a pea. Keep those with you.

The Diapers Should Be The Main Focus

Let me ask you, why do you need a diaper bag? To keep the baby’s diapers, right? All the other accessories are secondary.

Therefore, the diapers should take most of the space. The largest space in the bag should be reserved for the diapers. This way, you will easily be able to get access to the diapers. Remember, it’s the diaper you’ll be needing the most.

Here’s what you need to do. Follow this simple rule of thumb. One diaper every hour. So, if you’re away for four hours, you’ll be needing at least 6 diapers with you. The two extras are just in case of emergencies.

Another thing to remember is, if the baby has an upset tummy, you need to carry a few extras.

Separate Space For Food

Make sure you keep the food items in a separate space. You might need a bottle of water, some juice boxes perhaps or maybe even some cups. You can also get hungry so a little snack will also be great.

But please, keep these far away from the sunscreen, wipes, butt paste and hand sanitizers.

Your safety and health come first, you know. I’m only trying to ensure that here.

Leave Some Space For You Too

You know that the diaper bags have plenty of space, pockets, and compartments. When you have this much, do you really need to carry a purse around with you too?

You can all the things you need in the diaper bag too. But make sure you get as little space as possible and focus more on the baby stuff. If you have a twin then you will need the diaper bag for twins as you need to carry double baby staffs.

Specify an area in the bag for your keys, gum, cellphone, chapstick, etc.

Now if mommies follow these ‘how should a mother organize a diaper bag’ rules perfectly, they will be just fine. They won’t find them in a panic situation every time the baby poops and needs a diaper change.

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Monika Wrobel
Monika Wrobel

I’m Monika Wrobel, Pediatrician and also a mother of two kids from Texas. Due to my profession and also for being a mother I have a close relation with children. Most of the time the parents ask me for the suggestion which baby care products is the best for kids. I have tried to give some review of products, which I recommend in real life and also I have used for my own kids.



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  1. Hi Monika! I am the worst when it comes to organizing my baby bag. lol. I swear. This is nothing to be proud of. But I’m glad that I stumbled upon these tips. Thank you for sharing.

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