How to Naturally Heal Your Kids of Cold Sores
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How to Naturally Heal Your Kids of Cold Sores

Your child may wake up one day with small reddish blisters on the lips, tongue, the roof of the mouth, or face. Cold sores are a very painful condition caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV) and pretty common among children below age five. In fact, one out of five kids gets a cold sore at some point in early childhood.

Cold sores heal on their own within a week. But your little one needs a quick remedy that eases the pain and discomfort. Cold sores are filled with fluid but have a small crust over them. You shouldn't take them for canker sores which only appear in the child's mouth. Knowing how to naturally heal your kids’ cold sores will rapidly cut the discomfort and intensity of symptoms.

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Over-the-Counter Products with Natural Ingredients

Moms typically tend to have a stock of just-in-case pills and ointments for children. One of them is Neosporin, which contains neomycin sulfate, polymyxin B sulfate, and bacitracin zinc as active ingredients. It works as an antibiotic that also has a prevention effect. Check the linked article to learn how to apply Neosporin on cold sore and reduce your child’s symptoms in an instant!

Hydrogen peroxide is also safe for children. Soak a cotton ball in a tablespoon of HP and apply directly to the sores. Hold the small ball for five minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Alternatively, you can use Borax as a homeopathic remedy that your child can only take once. However, you should get advice from a healthcare specialist before using such remedies.

Vitamins C and E

Vitamin C increases the production of white blood cells which defend your body against viruses and bacteria. This is the vitamin that also boosts the child’s immune system and promotes skin health. The vitamin can be found in red, orange, or deep green foods like tomatoes, peppers, berries, broccoli, kiwi, kale, strawberries, grapefruit, and spinach.

Vitamin E has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin and alleviate the pain from cold sores. It also supports the skin's repair process. Vitamin E-rich foods include nuts, almonds, whole wheat, spinach and other leafy greens, potatoes, avocado, olive oil, and sunflower seeds.

Ice Cubes

What can be more risk-free than frozen water? You can use ice cubes for your child regardless of their age. Ice cubes can ease the pain of cold sores and halt their development. Apply them when the child experiences a tingly or itchy sensation around the lips.

Wrap an ice cube in a washcloth and press it against the area for five minutes. Repeat the process every half an hour. You will soon notice that the size and redness of the blister decrease.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a natural antioxidant and calming agent that you can also use for sunburns or any open wounds for a quick cure. The tropical plant contains minerals, enzymes, and fatty agents that promote healthy skin. The gel fights off many types of viruses, including HSV.

Extract the aloe vera gel by completely peeling the leaf of a plant. Then, apply it on cold sores three times a day until the bruise disappears.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has an inhibitory activity that works particularly well against HSV-1 and HSV-2 viruses, according to Dr. Axe. The oil has antiviral properties and is highly effective both in the early stages of the cold sores and when they are already painful.

Apply a few drops of peppermint oil locally by using a cotton ball and make sure the child doesn’t wipe it off or swallow it, for five minutes. Then, wash the oil off. 


Echinacea is a plant that treats most conditions related to a weak immune system. You can use it to heal your kids’ cold or fever. It is also a stimulating plant that can help your child’s body fight HSV.

Just give your kid echinacea tea and check if the pain and inflammation have been reduced. Your child can drink up to two cups of echinacea tea per day.

Vanilla Extract

You can smooth the healing process by using vanilla oil or extract. Vanilla Co2 total extract is the best product you can get out there. You can even soak vanilla beans in a carrier oil – olive or grapefruit – or use it with alcohol.

Apply the extract or oil on the area by soaking a cotton ball into it. Hold it in place for a few minutes and repeat the process four times a day.

How to Speed Up the Healing Process

  • Get a new toothbrush for your child. This is essential for healing as the old one contains the virus which might trigger another cold sore.
  • Make sure your child gets enough sleep and exercise. Maintaining a healthy schedule helps his or her body fight the virus and speeds up healing.
  • Make sure your little one doesn’t touch the cold sore. It is highly contagious until it develops a crust and heals, and they can spread the infection. Encourage your child to wash their hands immediately.
  • Keep your child’s towels and napkins out of the reach of other family members and wash them separately after every use.

It’s Easy to Know How to Naturally Heal Your Kids’ Cold Sores

Learning how to naturally heal your kids’ cold sores is very useful as the average American tends to contract the virus several times along their lifetime. If you have more than one child, then you will need to treat cold sores a few times. Cold sores aren't severe conditions and the doctor will also tell you that it heals on its own. Remember the above remedies and naturally take care of your child!

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Monika Wrobel
Monika Wrobel

I’m Monika Wrobel, Pediatrician and also a mother of two kids from Texas. Due to my profession and also for being a mother I have a close relation with children. Most of the time the parents ask me for the suggestion which baby care products is the best for kids. I have tried to give some review of products, which I recommend in real life and also I have used for my own kids.



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