How to Be an Organized Supermom
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How to Be an Organized Supermom

Being a mum is the most important, and most rewarding, job in the world, but we all know that at times it can be one of the hardest and chaotic, if we allow that to happen. You certainly learn to multi-task when you have children to look after, and the more children you have, the more efficient and organised you need to be. The good news is that a few simple and inexpensive tips can help you become more organised than ever before, so that you can finally achieve the well-deserved ‘supermum’ status.

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As a parent, it's sometimes easy to forget exactly who should be in charge. We want the very best for our children, but it's all too easy to let this mean that we always put their needs first without considering the demands on our own time. A household runs much more smoothly when your kids know that mum sets the schedule, and that it has to be adhered to. This means deciding upon set meal times and set times for your children to go to bed, as well as setting times for more fun activities together. It pays to get children into a routine like this at as early an age as possible, so that when they're older the family schedule will be organised rather than chaotic.

Name Tags Are Your Friend

If you have a number of children of approximately the same age, it can sometimes be confusing finding the right clothes for the right child, and this can lead to a huge amount of time being wasted when it can least be afforded, such as when it's time to take your children to school. Just think about how things will be so much easier if you would have name tags for their clothing and other items such as sports equipment or even toys. High quality name tags make a huge difference to how organised a family home is, and yet they are also a very affordable buy, so they're something that no busy mum should be without.

Tidy as You Go

Children bring us a lot of love, but they also bring us a lot of mess, and one thing you can guarantee is that they'll leave muddy footprints, jammy hand prints, discarded clothing and dropped toys wherever they go. Teaching children to tidy up after themselves can be hard work, but it will pay dividends once they get into the routine of tidying rather than littering. It's also a highly useful life skill that will prove invaluable to them as they enter adult life and eventually have children of their own. It's also important for mums to tidy as they go, as whilst it may seem that they have a dozen higher priorities, this can save significant time when compared to cleaning a messy or disorganised home at a later date.

Plan Your Meals a Week Ahead

Do you find that when meal times draw near your children start arguing about what they want, or that you can't decide what to cook? This not only wastes time, a valuable commodity in the life of a busy mum, but it can also lead to rushed meals being served that aren't as nutritious as they could and should be. Planning meals in advance can make a big difference, and ideally you should plan at least a week ahead. This allows you to know exactly how much food and ingredients you need to buy, and you may be able to refrigerate some food that you've already prepared and put it to use in a different meal at a later date. Once again, it's important to let your kids know that mum is in charge and that once a meal has been planned and prepared, that's what they're having.

Take Notes

In the busy, hectic life of a mum to babies or young children, it's easy to forget things, which is why a paper and pen is something every mum should carry around with them. If something comes to mind during the day, write it in the notepad and ensure that any important dates or events are in there as well. Refer to the notebook at the start and end of every day, and you'll find that you're much less likely to miss those all-important things in life. Of course, modern technology means that you could enter notes directly on to a tablet or smart phone, but in our opinion the physical connection that comes with writing on paper is much more effective at jogging the memory.

Learn to Say No

We all want to say 'yes' to our children, but sometimes it's far better for all concerned to say 'no'. A modern mum can spend every spare minute taking her children to sporting activities, clubs, sleep overs, and parties, not to mention shopping trips or visits to shows and concerts. This can put a huge strain on the adult, which can make them physically ill or just bad tempered and irritable. Never try to do more than you're physically capable of doing, and you'll find that you enjoy the activities that you do take your children to far more. Learning to accept no for an answer is another important life lesson for your children to learn, as things won't always go their way in the adult world awaiting them.

The key to becoming an organized supermum is to take proactive control of your household, rather than letting your children have the final say on things and acting reactively. Use the time that your children are at school or in bed to plan what will be happening on the following day or for the rest of the week and communicate these plans to the children at the first opportunity. They may not appreciate this discipline at first, but it can be one of the best things you can ever do for them. An organised house that runs smoothly from dusk ‘til dawn is a happy house, and a perfect atmosphere for your children to learn and grow in.

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Monika Wrobel
Monika Wrobel

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