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Healthy Baby Food: Here are the foods that are safe for your baby

Eating healthy foods is part of what makes a baby’s day complete besides some good play time and naps. If at the time when you are weaning your baby you are still not sure of which are the best starter foods, you just landed on the best article for that purpose. Here are some of the healthy baby foods you can rely on for the nourishment of your little bundle of joy.

1. Meat


Meat is a great source of proteins, and that is the reason why pediatricians recommend it as a first food for babies. Other than proteins, it also has other nutrients such as iron and zinc. The digestive system of babies is well modified to absorb the iron nutrient from meat compared to other sources.

This means that the more your baby eats meat, the less she will be prone to anemia. During the initial stages of weaning, feed your baby on dark poultry meat or red meat. Liver is also highly recommended for your little one. Finely grate it into your baby’s broth during mealtime to allow your little pumpkin to from gain the nutrients it has to offer.

2. Kale


Your baby needs a lot of nutrients to have a healthy life. Kale is a natural vegetable that should be included in your baby’s food to make her grow into a healthy young person in the future. Kale provides a lot of vitamin C, vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, calcium and other nutrients that are ideal for your baby’s growth.

While you may not directly serve your baby with kale alone, there are some food recipes with kale that are very safe and ideal for your baby. You can check out these 5 kale baby food recipes.  It is through such food recipes that your baby will benefit from the whole package of what kale has to offer to her.

3. Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes

Carbohydrates are energy giving foods which your baby needs in abundance as she grows. Their texture and sweetness make them irresistible to your little one, and at the same time they will provide your baby will sufficient carbohydrates. They will also provide plenty of beneficial nutrients to your child’s body such as iron, copper, and vitamin C. You can serve them with rice or sweet potato puree.

4. Avocados


Most of the mums have high regard for avocados. They are packed with plenty of important unsaturated fats which will boost your baby’s brain development. It is argued that the nutritional benefit of avocados is so similar to that of breast milk. Mash it nicely using a fork and let your baby benefit from its natural nutrients.

5. Yogurt


Just as yogurt is good for a fetus in its mother’s womb, so does its goodness extend to the baby’s infancy stage. Its benefits extend all the way to strengthening your baby’s immune system, thanks to the good bacteria in it known as probiotics.

Yogurt will also provide your baby with phosphorous and calcium which are essential for the formation of healthy bones and teeth. When you are trying to decide whether to buy whole milk yogurt or low-fat yogurt, choose the whole milk yogurt over the latter as well as the fat-free options.

The fat content in the yogurt is the essential bit of it. Steer off the highly flavored varieties with a lot of sugar. Stir in just enough fruit puree if you have to add extra flavor to your baby’s yogurt.

6. Peas


Including peas into your baby’s diet will avail vitamin K which is very important in the process of building strong and healthy bones. The tiny veggies with the appearance of ball bearings contain Vitamin (B)s, and antioxidant vitamins C and A.

Fiber is important to our little ones just as it is to us. Most of the time we seem to forget that fact. Including peas in your baby’s diet will provide her with sufficient fiber to ease the process of digestion and prevent constipation in the long run.

7. Bananas


Bananas have plenty of carbohydrates which will make your baby energetic enough for another playing day. They are perfectly portable, thanks to their peels which are easy to take off and also ensure that they do not get contaminated.

 For a baby who is at the initial stage of weaning, feed her on mashed bananas which are completely ripe. When she gets older, feel at liberty to allow the baby eat some chopped bananas.

8. Eggs


My love for eggs makes me certain that they are good for my baby too. The egg whites contain proteins in abundance, while the yolk will be the one to provide your little one with vitamins A, B(12), D and E. The only time when you should delay adding eggs to your baby’s diet is when there has been a history of allergies in the family from consumption of eggs.

In such a case, I would recommend that you consult your pediatrician to know whether eggs are part of what you should introduce to your baby once she starts eating solid foods.

9. Baby Cereal

Baby cereal

Seek iron-fortified cereals suitable for your infant. Once you usher your little angel into this world, she has some iron which will finally run out at the age of 6 months. Breastmilk will not avail sufficient iron for your baby. When the weaning period comes, include some rice cereal which is iron fortified.

You can be sure that it will not cause your baby any allergic reactions. As your baby grows, introduce more iron-rich foods to your baby, one at a time. To increase its nutritional value, add some fruits to your baby’s cereal.

10. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits

Vitamin C is very important to your baby’s body as it contributes to the formation of collagen in the body tissues, bones, and muscles. It also aids in the speeding up of the healing of wounds as well as absorption of iron from other kinds of foods that your baby consumes.

They also play a major role in balancing an optimum fluid balance as well as making muscle contraction easy and smooth; this is because of the potassium in them. Wait up until your baby attains one year before you introduce her to citrus fruits such as grapefruits, oranges, and lemons.

Make the Best Out of Your Baby’s Mealtime

From the article, I hope that you are now certain of the healthy baby foods you should introduce to your baby. Your baby barely has a tummy big enough to hold a lot of food. That is why it is very important to ensure that she gets healthy baby food to avail the necessary nutrients for her growth and development.

Comment on the article and feel free to add to our list other healthy baby foods you know. Where you need clarification, feel free to inquire, and I will respond as soon as I can.


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