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Everything You Need to Know About Smartwatches

What is a smartwatch? How does it work? How beneficial is the watch? Where can I get the best smartwatch? Well, see everything you need to know about smartwatches!

Smartwatches are the latest trend in wearable technology. They serve as your smartphone’s extension, and; they have smart abilities. Using these wrist devices, you can receive push notifications from your phone. The watch reduces the need to keep pulling the phone out of your pocket. When you are in a meeting, for example, you can look at your watch and tell whether the call can wait. This page has everything you need to know about smartwatches!

Digital watches have been on the market for decades, but; it was until recently that tech companies launched smartwatches. Today, several companies have smartwatches on the market. Sony, Apple, and Samsung are some of the major manufacturers.

smartwatch history

Image Source : Smartwatch.me 

In 2013, Pebble launched their first smartwatch. The sale went viral, and; by the end of the year, they had sold more than a million units.

What Smartwatches Do?

Smartwatches are smart, indeed. They do almost everything that smartphone or computer does. Well, life keeps on changing, and it keeps demanding that humans become more and more productive. Smart technology fills in the gap to help us do more things with the least effort. They have more than just the rectangular glowing screen. Here are some things your smartwatch can do for you.


smartwatch apple watch vs android watch

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The smart watch is nothing more than a cute wristband if it does not have the software installed. Your smartwatch is as helpful as the apps it supports. Apple and Android watches give you an endless list of choices. Installing Uber or airline apps turn your watch into a digital boarding pass. If you have games on the watch, then you can use it as an entertainment device.

Fitness tracking

Fitness Tracking

Are you a hard-core sportsperson? Is yes, then you need a fitness tracker. Some advanced watches have this feature to track your workout. The smartwatch serves as a pedometer, monitoring the distance you cover during your training session. Fitness trackers for kids are designed to help your children get fitter and healthier.

Health monitoring

Health monitoring

Modern smartwatches have sleep and heart rate monitors. The two features ensure that your body functions in the right manner. They don’t alter your pulse or breathing rate, but; they keep you in the know.

Connect phone

The devices allow you to synchronize with your phone. With Google’s Android Wear OS, you can connect smartwatches to Android-based phones such as LG, and Samsung among other brands. The Apple Watch syncs with iPhones.

Synching your watch with your phone allows you to send and receive calls and text messages. Your phone can stay at home or in your pocket as you use the smartwatch!

 Apart from receiving calls and texts, the smartwatch can synchronize with your social media apps for notifications. This helps you stay in touch with your Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp friends.

Cute and entertaining

Did you know that your elegant, smart wristband can also serve as an iPod? Well, the only difference is that the watch does not necessarily store the music. Recent versions have Bluetooth technology that allows you to pause, forward or change the tracks playing on your phone.

Other Things Smart watches Do

Smartwatches for kids

Utilize technology to keep in touch with your kids. Your children’s safety is important, and watch manufacturers know this. GPS technology on wristbands helps you track the location of your loved ones. GPS not only tells their latest location but also alerts you when they get out of your preferred safe zone.

smartwatch for kids

Image Source: SmartWatches.org

 According to the Pew Research, 80 percent of American kids get their first phone when they are 7 years old. As a good parent, your kid’s contacts may concern you. Your smartwatch will monitor conversations your little ones are engaging in.


Humans aren’t good at multitasking, but; smartwatches are! They will send push notifications from your phone while tracking your sleep and heart. They will also never forget to wake you up during the scheduled time!

Anything bad about smart watches?

Battery life is probably the one con of the smartwatch. If you are used to the ordinary watches, then you might find that the smart variety has a shorter battery life. Due to the smart features, the watch consumes more power than other watches.

Modern watches do not depend on cell batteries- small rechargeable lithium-ion batteries power them. When buying a smartwatch, therefore, ensure that its battery can sustain 8-48 hours of active use.

Do I really need to state that smartwatches are watches too? Well, I don’t think so! These wrist devices are gaining traction every day for their amazing features. They are elegant and ergonomic- so, they can be ornamental too! The manufacturers ensure that their watches are waterproof and durable. If you are a gaming enthusiast, then you can choose those that support such apps. Opt for those without such software if you need to boost your concentration. Is this everything you need to know about smartwatches? Let’s talk!

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