Are You Embarrassed By Your Pregnancy Prediction Calendar Skills
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Are You Embarrassed By Your Pregnancy Prediction Calendar Skills? Here’s What To Do

The very first time you hear that you are expecting your baby boy or girl. You cant wait for the due date hey!

But first you have to go through the days, 40 weeks and 9 months. And that can look like a very long time coming. Especially if you are carefully monitoring your stomach and not the baby.

To make the days and months go fast, you can stop looking at the rate you are eating or not eating, morning sickness and start looking at your pregnancy growth. We assure you it is a lot more fun when you know that the baby is developing day by day forming to a full human body.

We can never come to understand the magic that happens in a women's body carrying a baby for the whole 9 months. But all we know is, when you know what to expect and how the baby should be looking like? It becomes a lot more meaningful to both the parents.

We have sourced out the stages of pregnancy calendar, that can help you understand the changes in your body and predict the baby due date. If you are not sure about your baby's due date? The internet and many other baby tips and pregnancy sites offer a lot information and baby due date calculators.

These will just be summarized facts of your baby changes and your body through out the 9 months stages.


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1 Month pregnancy calendar

Your 1 month pregnancy stage covers week 4 to 7. At this stage God is in control, Yes He is! Because your child's ears, eyes, skin and hair has already been determined all the facial features are starting to develop. And the basics of the human body are also forming like the baby's brain, spinal cord and backbone.

Most importantly the heart has begun to beat, you cant hear it at this stage, only as the pregnancy weeks progresses. For some mothers this is the most sensitive stage, because the embryo is developing and you experiencing all the signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

2 Month pregnancy calendar

2 months pregnancy stage covers 8 to 12 weeks. When your pregnancy has reached the second month the baby will start developing legs and arms.

Its at this stage that the baby starts making movements, because the whole body is beginning to take shape. But you cant feel the movements as yet.

  • The placenta is the one that nourishes the baby's growth

  • Reproductive organs have started developing at this stage

  • Bones are forming

  • The head is larger than the rest of the body

  • The baby is a fetal position

  • Brain has started producing 250,000 neurons

  • Eyelids visible

  • Through an ultrasound you can now hear the heart beat

3 Month pregnancy calendar

3 months pregnancy stage covers 13 to 16 weeks and its also the last month of your first trimester.

  • The baby will be growing from 2 inches size to four

  • The toes and finger nails can be clearly seen

  • The private part of the baby is forming

  • You can expect the kicking and baby stretching to start

  • All baby's organs and systems have formed

  • Your baby may also be able to put a thumb in her mouth

  • Thin skin develops

  • Your blood pressure maybe high during this stage ( because your heart is pumping up to 20% more than it usually does to supply your baby)

  • Strangely the baby is beginning to empty bladder about 30-45 minutes

4 Months pregnancy calendar

4 months pregnancy stage covers 17 to 20 weeks and at this calendar stage the baby will be probably be 13cm long.

  • Notice that the mothers belly bottom pops out

  • The baby hair is starting to show

  • Facial muscles are starting to show, they can squint, frown and make fists

  • At this stage your baby body is growing faster than his head, unlike at 2 months calendar pregnancy stage.

  • Amazingly at this stage, when your heart beats your baby can hear it and all other sounds.

  • The brain begins to function smartly

  • He or she now has finger prints

5 Months pregnancy calendar

5 Months pregnancy calendar stages covers 20 to 24 weeks. In this stage the growth of the baby might be slowing a bit, but the heart is beginning to function more stronger than any parts.

  • If you are planning to find out the sex of the baby, now you can!

  • The baby has now developed full intestines, what he or she absorbs can be transferred to the digestive system

  • He or she now can taste

  • Hiccupping and thumb sucking are the baby favourites at this stage

  • 27cm

  • Some of the mothers may be experiencing small contraction pains and lower back pains.

6 Months pregnancy calendar

6 months pregnancy calendar covers up 25 to 29 weeks. At this stage the baby is putting on some baby fat and its also the end of the second trimester.

  • The lungs are growing big at this stage

  • The baby's hair has grown longer

  • Androgen and estrogen are being produced

  • She can hear your voice and make fists

  • Blood vessels and baby nostrils are expanding

  • Its also starting to put on baby fat

  • Above all, your baby's eyes have been closed for the past months, now they are starting to open.

7 Months pregnancy calendar

7 months pregnancy calendar covers up 30 to 33 weeks. Prepare yourself for this is the final pregnancy trimester!

  • The teeth are now formed and waiting to come out in the baby gums.

  • The mother can feel when the baby is sleeping and awake

  • Already making colostrum

  • If your baby was to be born now, he has an 85% chance of surviving.

  • The baby might be 39 cm long.

  • All the bones have fully developed and the brain id functioning fully

  • The bay is beginning to see or differentiate light and darkness.

  • By this month your baby might have turned to a birth position.

8 Months pregnancy calendar

8 months pregnancy calendar covers up 34 to 37 weeks. Only one month to go before the birth of the baby... Most mothers will be experiencing back pain a lot of times. Because the baby will be putting more weight than ever and taking a lot of space in the uterus.

  • The baby has now developed everything that he will need to function alright, except for the lungs

  • If your baby hasn't turned to the right birth position by now, you can start consulting your doctor.

  • Most babies might be weighing 2250 grams

  • Also the mothers might be putting on more weight.

  • The mother will notice that the cervix is also preparing for birth

  • Make sure that you are ready because the baby might arrive any time now!

9 Months pregnancy calendar

9 months pregnancy calendar covers up 38 to 40. The baby is full term and ready to be delivered.

  • You may begin feeling some contractions

  • Have everything ready for the baby and you

  • Your water may break

  • Watch if your contractions start occurring about 5 minutes apart for at least an hour or so...If they are, you might be in labor.

  • Your baby might be now 50 cm long.

  • You will be making frequent bathroom trips, because of the compressed bladder

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