how to choose best activewear for kids
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How to Choose Best Activewear for Kids?

The energy reserves of kids are much higher than adults. This is precisely the reason they are always moving, jumping, running around ready to explore things that catch their attention. Participating in sporting activities is a good way to constructively use all that energy stored inside their tiny bodies. To meet your kids sporting requirements, they need to be dressed accordingly in activewear designed specifically for kids. Kids dressed in active wear perform better in sports than in any other type of clothing and it is essential for every kid to have a few pieces of active wear in his/her wardrobe.

how to choose best activewear for kids

Choosing the right activewear for kids can be overwhelming as kids grow up fast and need their clothing to be replaced each year to fit their growing size. While buying sportswear for your kids, certain factors need to be kept in mind like breathability of fabric, adjustability that adheres to increasing body size of your kids as they grow, fit, stitching and style that suits varying tastes of kids and convenient wear-ability. Kids prone to allergies have an option to choose sportswear made from hypoallergenic fabrics. To make the job of choosing the right kind of activewear for your kids we have put together a list of high performance clothing items with tips to buy the right pieces that suit the very needs of your kids' active lifestyles.

Tees and tank tops are an inseparable part of kids’ active summer wear. Choose these items wisely to make them pair easily with skirts, pants, shorts, jackets and hoodies. While buying summer tees for your kids choose fabric that does not irritate your child's sensitive skin. Turn over the shirt to check the stitching done on the inside and make sure that the stitched parts are neatly folded to reduce any chances of irritation. The neck and the sleeves should have enough space to make it easier for kids to put them on without any hassle.

Hoodies and Jackets

Hoodies and jackets are a wonderful way to add an extra layer of warmth during days when weather is unpredictable. While buying hooded sweatshirts or jackets make sure they are warm enough to protect your kids from cold weather. Choose these items made from soft materials like fleece and cotton polyester blends that feel soft on skin. Check the size of the hood to make sure that it is large enough to cover your child's head and neck comfortably. Make sure that the fasteners and pockets are delicate and placed correctly.

Athletic Pants and Shorts

Kids like to keep their legs busy in activities like running, playing football, jumping and cycling. Sports trousers and shorts are made specifically to adhere to various leg movements used in all kinds of sports activities. Many new technologies have been introduced in designing sports pants and shorts. Some even have a couple of layers of thin netted fabric lining to wick off sweat from the skin and to lend warmth to the body. Some athletic trousers are made from stretchable cotton polyester fabrics while winter sports pants are available in moisture proof fabric so your kids stay warm and protected from any dampness that takes place in winter rains. These trousers can be chosen in a wide selection of colours and comfortable waistbands with drawstrings to fit several sizes in one go.


how to choose best active wear for kids

Leggings are a versatile clothing item for little girls. They can be paired with all kinds of clothes be it shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets or sportswear. This activewear improves the look of any outfit it is paired with. You can choose from a wide selection of printed or blank coloured sports leggings to add style to your little princess' wardrobe. Select leggings woven from thin breathable yarns for summers. Winter leggings are generally made from thicker yarns like fleece and polyester to put up with dips in temperatures outside. Another point to be considered while choosing leggings is their stretch-ability. An ideal pair of leggings withstands leg movements with its stretchiness without losing its original shape. Leggings make a great addition if worn under sports shorts and provide enough coverage to protect your kids from weather changes.


Right kind of innerwear is critical to keep your child active and comfortable. This layer of clothing remains in close contact with kids' bodies. Hence, it is pivotal to select underpants and undershirts made from ultra-soft woven fabrics with seamless stitching to keep the insides of the innerwear smooth. For winters, an extra layer of inner wear needs to be added to make your child feel cosy and comfortable. Right size of innerwear significantly improves the look of outer wear.


A right pair of socks helps your kids' tiny little feet bear the brunt of high intensity activities they perform throughout the day. The material from which the socks are made should be breathable to allow sweat on the feet to evaporate easily. Opt for socks with seamless stitching and padding done on toes and heels to make the feet feel comfortable. Make sure that the band on the leg part is not too tight and has spandex ribbing to allow your child to slip them over their feet easily whenever they want to.


Picking the right pair of shoes for your little ones is not as easy as it sounds. It's true that the stores are flooded with a wide variety of kids’ shoes, finding a pair that fits your child’s needs is a difficult task. Kids feet are in growing phase and any wrong choice can have devastating effects on their feet. Wearing wrongly chosen shoes can interfere with the way kids' feet grow and result in abnormalities in their feet. Not just this, shoes with wrong fitting can lead to flaws in body posture as well. To avoid this, kids’ shoes should be chosen wisely keeping in mind the shape, size, width and curves of your kids’ feet. Pick a pair that has a flexible sole with cushioning on the insides to support the tender feet structure. There should be enough room at the front for toe wiggling. Lace up shoes should be preferred as they provide maximum support to kids’ feet compared to slip-on shoes.

Author Bio: Diana Is a working woman, Apart from her desk job,She is an Health And Fitness Blogger and is working with the leading Fitness Clothing Brand LIVE! Clothing UK, She has been very keen on building a better physique, So she always find time for her workout. Her motto is “Be better than you was yesterday and everything will be better tomorrow”.

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