Top 10 Best Baby Jumpers Review & Guide in 2019

Babies love to get entertainments and they like to play and swing all day long. They love to enjoy their beautiful moments and make it comfortable for them. If you want to make your baby happy and healthy, it is much more needs of some playing equipment along with good foods. For a baby, one of the best playing equipment is Baby Jumpers or you can call it Jumperoos. It usually an enjoyable playing tool and great equipment for babies. It is obvious that your baby needs some vertical exercises and it also has many beneficiaries for your babies. This will be the right choice for your baby's muscle growth in a proper way.


Parents questionnaires and considerations:

First of all, as a parent you need to understand that how your baby can work out with Jumpers and also need to know at which is the right baby jumper age.

Secondly, every parent usually remain concern with the safety purpose of using Baby Jumpers. And also concern about which Jumper is good for their baby.

So, with all that questions and concerns we try to put all the possible and reliable information about the Jumperoos and we will also discuss about, “Top 11 Best Baby Jumpers review and guide in 2019”

Top 5 best jumper Comparative chart

Do you want a quick summary of a best baby care product at a time? We are giving you this opportunity at our site. This comparison box contains a list of baby products online, baby article review, baby product review site, baby jumper activity center for babies, so you can find which one is best for you at a glance.

A list is given bellow of baby care products; here you can sort them by

5 star rating, price, height and wide range. If we have a review of any product at our site, then you can simply click the link there to find the complete review of that particular product.


 Rainforest Jumperoo

 Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

 Pink Petals Jumperoo

Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce & Learn, Zoo Friends

Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood Friends


best baby jumper


37 x 32 x 32 inches

24 x 22 x 7.3 inches

7.5 x 23.5 x 24 inches

25 x 30 x 30 inches

30.5 x 33 x 29 inches


15.75 pounds

17 pounds

15.5 pounds

8 pounds

19.18 pounds

Batteries required








Jumperoo - Luv U Zoo




Our Rating

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo: A place full of wonderful sights and sounds ... Rainforest Jumperoo brings everything to its size for small explorers! There are still tons of safe jumping fun (which activates the music and lights of the rainforest!), But now there are toys all around - and up - with a swivel seat that helps the baby to explore them all. A wagging elephant, a balancing monkey, a spinning lizard and more. And then the baby just "go wild" for it! The baby can turn the drum to activate lights and music. 

(Mom can be activated for 4 minutes of continuous play.) Soft spring covers keep the small fingers secure and the 3-way height adjustment ensures a custom fit. Requires 3 AA (LR6) 1.5V alkaline batteries - not included for the toy tray. Maximum weight: 25 lbs.

As the most reliable name in quality toys, Fisher-Price has been helping to make childhood special for generations of children. Since 1930, they have been in business to create toys that fascinate and stimulate a child's imagination with innovative learning toys, toys based on popular preschool characters, and prize-winning baby gear. The Fisher-Price line of baby equipment includes playgrounds, baby bouncers and baby swings. Find even more Fisher-Price products here


  • The seat swivels 360 ° so the baby can discover toys around
  • Robust and free steel frame allows baby to safely jump-no doors are required
  • Easily adjusts to three different heights as baby grows
  • Soft spring covers keep small fingers secure
  • The busy activities include peek-a-boo tiger, monkey bat, lizard rattle, bobble elephant, spinner drum & more
  • Soft, comfortable seat cushion is machine washable and safe dry
  • Folds for storage and on the move
  • Durable frame is easy to assemble

best baby jumper

Welcome to the Luv U Zoo! Everywhere baby looks, (on the rotating seat, baby can see everything around), there is something fun to do with an animal friend - spinning, jumping, squeaking and more. It's safe jumping fun rewarded with lights, sounds and music! Active behavior and multi-colored toys, like the tiger mirror and zebra teether, provide entertainment and sensory encouragement.

Encourages the development of motor skills Move and jump improve large motor skills.Variety of textures integrated in toys provides tactile stimulation.Stimulates the senses Colorful toys, fun sounds and music stimulate the baby's visual and auditory senses.Enhances learning through discovery The baby's actions make things happen, helping the baby understand the cause and effect.Reaching and clinging to toys promotes eye-hand coordination.


  • Plastic, polyester, metal
  • Imported
  • The seat rotates 360 degrees so the baby can discover toys around
  • Robust and free steel frame allows baby to safely jump-no doors are required
  • Easily adjusts to 3 different heights as baby grows
  • Soft spring covers keep small fingers secure
  • Baby jumping is rewarded with music, sounds and lights

Everyone will love bouncing off their Fisher Price Jumperoo as Baby doorway Jumper, which will help strengthen leg muscles while playing. The Fisher Price Jumperoo makes a great alternative to a door bouncer and is designed in it's easy to store frame. The Jumperoo has a lot of fun activities that little ones can discover with every single bounce and a sensor that rewards them with music, lights and sounds as it jumps.

Pink Petals' Jumperoo Fisher Price has been designed with eye-catching colors that appeal to the baby and offers you many fun activities including soft flowers, spinners, clickers, a bead bar and a mirror.


  • Music, lights and sounds reward and enliven every jump and jump
  • Wheee! The seat rotates 360 degrees so the baby can discover everything
  • Robust and free steel frame allows baby to jump safely - no door required
  • Easily adjusts to three different heights as baby grows
  • Colorful toys include lion roller, alligator clicker, butterfly teether, elephant bat and hippopotamus, colorful lights, mirror and more
  • Pretty pink seat pad is machine washable and safety dry

The Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce & Learn, Zoo Friends is a safe solution for baby walkers to parents.

With many different age-appropriate toys which help your child achieve significant developmental milestones. By using it’s stone, twist and bounce activities the baby can have the best exercise he need a day which will help him to develop his neck, legs and back muscles. 

Your child will need no additional exercise for his development. The full-seat twist offers all around fun!

So much for toddler to do! Actions stimulate fine motor abilities, hand-eye coordination and heart muscle growth for wiggly, giggly learning pleasure.

Small, lightweight frame is easy to transfer between places inside the house. Stay organized and play with!

Simple to correct, the 3 places give your kid more chance to stone twist, spin, and rebound as they rise.


  • Plastic
  • USA
  • Offers infant with protected play and learn environment
  • check-square-o
    Physical practice to develop infant's neck, leg and back muscles and enhance gross motor skills
  • check-square-o
    3-position height modification. Maturity: Cease when kid can endure flat-footed at the Maximum alteration degree or can climb from the Goods


  • check
    Provide maximum product value
  • check
    Light weight
  • check
    Adjustable to 3 diff levels
  • check
    Space for add toys
  • check
    It is easy to detach


  • No options for music
  • No wheels
  • Plastic

Your little ones will jump with delight as they explore the neighborhood with their favorite Baby Einstein friends. The special activity-hop edition of zone links has 12 more behavior that surrounds babies and foster 360 degrees of fun multi-sensory experiences. The electronic piano has lights, volume control and three modes: 

classical melodies, key piano tones and language discovery in English, French and Spanish. Other fun activities include a rotating frog bead hunter, rotating bead drum and a mirror, and more. It also includes additional loops to add some of your baby's favorite toys. The secure support seat provides extra support for the little ones, and with five height adjustments the bridge grows with the baby. Start exploring.


  • The secure safety seat has added height and padding to provide extra comfort for the baby
  • The seat swivels 360 ° to give baby complete access to toys
  • 5 levels of height grow with baby

Top 5 Comparative chart

New and improved Jolly is now includes a Super Stand! Super Stand allows ultra-bouncing through the premium raw stock and folds flat when not in use! NO tickets required! Super bracket allows indoor and outdoor use! This product improves balance, helps develop rhythm and coordination, and strengthens muscles. The chair is designed to fit your baby as a second skin, similar to the adjustment of the surgical back or weight lifter strap.Maximum weight: 28lbs (13kg) Age: 3 months - Age of walking. BABY HAVE TO LEARN TO HOLD HEAD UP WITH THE COMPLETE NECK SUPPORT. Jolly is a trusted brand with high quality products. The bridge has been used in hospitals and homes around the world for over 65 years!


  • Provides ultra-rebound with premium spring action
  • Improves balance and helps develop rhythm
  • Develop coordination and strengthen muscles
  • Proven quality with firm support to the baby's spine
  • Easy assembly (no tools required), for indoor / outdoor use, folds when not in use

The weight of the baby is supported by the buttocks and thighs, without pressure on vital organs.Merry Muscles supports the hips, preventing the baby from bouncing with stiff legs and eliminating the possibility of bone or joint injuries caused by the impact.The back section offers full support for the spine and head; the front bib prevents the baby from falling forward or getting entangled in the lines.The soft seat of the fabric will not cut into the baby's legs.The baby can exercise or simply sit back and relax in comfort.Designed for safety - baby cannot get out!Merry Muscles fits at the right angle to allow the baby to bounce using the soles of the feet (not tiptoe).

Designed by an occupational therapist.Comes with threaded hook to hang from door frame or ceiling. It can be suspended from the roof or door frame. Comes with enough chain to fit up to a 9 foot ceiling. If your ceiling is more than 9 feet high, the extra-long chain can be supplied on request at this Best Baby walker.Merry Muscles can be used from 3 months of age until one of these milestones is reached (whichever comes first):The baby takes steps around furniture. or:The baby's measurement from the top of the head to the coccyx reaches 21 "or:The baby weighs 30 pounds.


  • It also eliminates the possibility of joint or bony injuries that can be caused by impact. The back of the bridge provides complete support for the head and spine, and the front bib prevents the baby from tangling or falling forward. The seat is made of soft fabric, so it will not leave cuts.
  • We really like that this model gives the baby the option of exercising or relaxing. The product comes with a threaded hook, which is perfect for hanging the product from the ceiling or door frame.
  • There is enough chain that comes with the product to hang it on a ceiling as high as 9 feet. However, if you have higher ceilings, you can ASK for a longer chain.

A Jolly Jumper on a stand is a baby exercise carrier that is ideal for any child in the pre-walking stage. The Jolly Jumper helps your baby to improve balance and develop muscles and developing dexterity. Firm hold up for your baby's backbone ensures that the bones develop properly and the posture will remain erect. This product also has a suitable portability, making it easy to take anywhere you and your child may have to go.


  • This will improves balance and helps develop coordination
  • Develop coordination and strengthen muscles
  • Firm support for baby's spine, Convenient and easy to carry

Keeps your baby laughing for hours with this supper product! Easy to carry, with a non-marking frame clamp, this action-packed performer lets you take baby from one room to another so you can keep your baby by your side. The nylon seat cushion is easily removed and pulled into the washer to make cleaning a breeze. The game tray gives the baby a place to play with toys for more entertainment options. The height adjusts easily and the straps without twists make getting baby in and out easy and without stress! It takes the bouncy fun to a new level. It has all the great features of a standard bridge, plus comes with range and grab the game rings to encourage hand-eye coordination and development. And with the "bumpers", their wooden door frames will add protection from spoiling.


  • "Bumpers" help protect frames from wooden doors
  • Adjustable height for your growing child
  • Spring, rebound spring for lots and lots of rebound fun
  • Plastic dome design makes it easy to get in and out
  • Easily sticks to the door frame for fun bouncing anywhere, anytime

A perfect gift for showers, this gift box included the original exercise with door clamp and musical mat - this sure to provide the baby with lots of giggles while jumping! The Original Ejercitador is a baby exerciser for any child in the stage of walking. Babies will enjoy jumping around and smiling endlessly as they develop the rhythm and improve their balance. The muscles of babies become stronger and organization develops more as they bounce in their path. The original Jolly toy provides firm support to your baby's spine, so the bones will develop properly and the posture will remain upright. It provides fun and exercise as your baby gains the skills they need to develop. The bridge is secure and hangs firmly from any door frame with the door clamp provided.


  • Robust and scientifically designed for use with appropriate door frames
  • Provides the baby with complete freedom of lobby group and promotes easy, natural breathing
  • Allows the baby to enjoy healthy exercise
  • Babies build strength, balance and coordination safely and comfortably

How To Choose The Best Jumper for Baby

Before purchasing a baby jumper seat, it’s good to have a clear idea of what considerations you should keep in mind when comparing products, Here are a few things that you should think over when looking through our later reviews for the baby jumper that is right for you. Here we have researched on a large number of products and recommenced the best available options which will be best for you and your baby, by considering budget. We have compared on baby jumper good or bad, exersaucer and much more.


Baby jumper activity center is not just like a toy! As the briefly mentioned above, it have some multiple developmental benefits for the baby. It is not only helping the baby as walkers for balance or mobility but also some additional benefits.

  • Muscle Tone and Strength Although it's performance and to determine their role in developing hip and muscle strength are no conclusive studies, it seems clear that they do not provide some level of convenience. Of course, it is suggested that the use of repetitive jumper to avoid putting too much pressure on specific muscles used in moderation.

  • Improved Pre-Walking Skills, Although it is not really a walking tool, baby jumper doorway is used as the pre-motor skills can help a child to use his or her half of the lower limbs to improve functionality and learn to stand upright. They are simply standing and balance their work habits.

  • Promotes Comfort and Safety Jumper helps your child and provides comfort for a short-term job as a babysitter while you work around the house. That is, they are, as they fall down the stairs, and you cannot turn away from any real threat of a walker can be considered a safe alternative to mention.

Baby jumper Age and size

Most of this products are designed to accommodate infants in a specific weight and age range. In general, there are a few rules you can follow to decide if your baby is ready for this.

  • If your baby can hold their head up straight without assistance, they are old enough to enjoy the benefits of it.
  • If they are big enough to walk on their own, a jumper isn’t the best way for your infant to get exercise.

As long as your baby falls somewhere in this range, it won’t be hard to find a jumper that accommodates their weight. Just make sure that you pick a jumper that your baby isn’t too small or too large to use.

Seat Design

Ideally, you want to be sure that the seat on your baby jumper walmart is comfortable and doesn’t chafe or irritate your infant. But beyond basic comfort considerations, there are a few things you should keep in mind relating to your jumper’s seat design.

A detachable seat will be easier to clean, and will make it easier for your baby to keep using their jumper since you won’t have to spend as much time dealing with messes.

  • A detachable seat will be easier to clean, and will make it easier for your baby to keep using their jumper since you won’t have to spend as much time dealing with messes.
  • Since your baby will be growing quickly, find a seat with adjustable height settings to fit your baby as he or she grows.

The seat will be one of the most important elements of your new jumper, so make sure to find one that is well designed and comfortable.


There are many different kinds of suspension devices commonly used in baby jumpers, and the exact material your suspension is made out of isn’t that important. What is important is suspension design.

Make sure that you choose a baby jumper that doesn’t use a single suspension strap to make the seat bounce. A single strap will swing left to right a lot, giving your baby a dangerous range of motion.

Add, a single strap is more likely to brake. In general, getting a baby jumper with multiple suspension ropes is safer and smarter.

Included Toys

Most best baby jumper 2018 will come equipped with some fun toys to help keep infants occupied, and you should definitely keep the number and kind of toys that your child prefers in mind when choosing a jumper for your family. Look for a jumper that doesn’t have any small parts that can easily break off and get swallowed, and make sure that there aren’t so many toys that your child will get overwhelmed.

From there, trust your knowledge of their preferences to pick the right amount and kind of toys. Some jumpers even make it easy to remove, customize, and modify the number and kind of toys that are attached. Whether or not you want to invest in a jumper with these options will depend on how import toys are to your infant.

Other Considerations

Aside from the considerations above, there are some other things you should keep in mind, like brand, price, style, safety, material, color, and more. Since each child is different, different considerations may be more or less relevant in your decision. For the reviews that follow, I’ve kept all of these considerations and more in mind. Here are five of the most popular baby jumpers, reviewed.

What is the purpose of a Baby Jumper or Best Baby Door Jumpers?

This product is a fun activity which is actually an activity seat attached with elastic, that allows your baby to use his muscles still in development. Baby jumpers are essentially a seat attached to an elastic strap. Your baby sits on the seat and uses his fingers to push the floor. Baby jumpers depend on this up and down pressure group to keep your baby happy.Many parents agree that an active baby sleeps better at night and use a baby jumper as a solution to get rid of excess energy from your baby. 

Many parents agree that an active baby sleeps better at night and use a baby jumper as a solution to get rid of their baby’s unwanted energy. A pooped baby is certainly a sleepy baby. More over they allow the baby play alone without being injured.

Baby jumpers go by many different names including:

          Johnny jumper

Whatever the name, the product is the same, allowing your baby to bounce up and down repeatedly.


When looking at bridges, you will notice that they range from boring to outrageously, "where was this when I was a kid" super fun centers. The bestsellers, of course, have a lot of toys and audiovisual stimulation to keep your child busy for just a few moments. What are the typical components that will interest you?

  • Portability
  • Toys center
  • Music and lights

A high value bridge for your baby will most likely include these 3 things, if not 2 out of 3 (to save perhaps money on construction and pass the savings down to the business buyer).

Types of Baby Jumper

There are several different types of bridges for babies on the market. Knowing what your specific needs and preferences will help you sort through all the options so you can buy the one that will suit your needs the best.

Stationary Jumper – Fixed bridges have seats with an elastic cord and frame. They almost only give the baby the ability to jump and that's it. It's deigned almost similar to doorway but it has it's own frame.  

Stationary Jumper

Stationary Activity Jumper – The activity jumpers that are parked have a seat, a frame and a tray, usually filled with toys of all kinds that are attached to the bridge. Toys may vary depending on brand and bridge design. These are great for providing extra jumping and jumping activities for your baby to do.

Stationary activity Jumper

Doorway Jumpers – These Best Baby Door Jumpers are simple bridges with no additional activities. They consist of a seat attached to belts fixing as bungee cables. At the end of the bungee is an applause that joins the door frame. These types of bridges can only be used on doors so they are not as popular as they once were with the addition of stationary bridges that have activities and can be moved from one room to another and even outside.

doorway jumper

What is the difference between swings, Jumpers, and bouncers?

To put it simply:

  • Baby Jumpers are like Bounce up and down when your baby kicks off the floor
  • A Baby bouncers are like jump according to your baby’s wiggly engagements in the seat
  • The Baby swings – Swing backside and forward without the need of your baby to move about.


You love your baby with no matter what she/he likes or not. For your baby’s endless laugh, you can do anything with safety considerations. And for a new born baby as a parent you should remain little bit more careful for your baby’s protections and growths. From the stage of sitting to self-walking stage your best friend will be A baby jumper to take care all of its responsibilities. So, we discussed in this article about Top 12 Best Baby Jumpers review and some guide lines to decide your desire jumper for your infant. We highly recommended these twelve jumpers for your kids. But Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo and Jolly Jumper with Super Stand are the most selling exersaucer and highly reviewed jumpers in this 2019. As those two are contained all finest features of a jumper and you can buy those within your limited budget. Many people feel that baby jumpers are not safe, but, when you do good research to find out the popular and resistant brand than nothing else makes your baby happy then this one.

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Top 10 Best Baby Jumpers Review & Guides in 2018
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