Baby Are in a Car Accidents
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What to Do If You and Your Baby Are in a Car Accident

Your parents, who are currently living hundreds of miles away from your place, might have been wanting to see their grandchild for months after you or your spouse gave birth. So you bring your baby along with you as you drive your car to your parents’ place. But you haven’t even made it halfway there when another vehicle suddenly crashes into your car and gets both vehicles caught up in a car accident. Instead of panicking, here are some things that you can do in case you get in a car accident with your baby on board:


Get both emergency medical services and police to respond to the site of the car accident as soon as possible.

If you managed to get out of your badly wrecked car, but your baby is still trapped inside it, you don’t want to try playing a superhero by getting them out of there since doing so can further harm the child even if your intentions are good.

Contact the Police and Emergency Responders

Dial 911 immediately to get both emergency medical services and police to head over to the scene where the car accident that you got involved in occurred.

Firefighters and ambulances

Once the emergency medical services team as well as responding police officers have arrived at the site of the crash itself, you should move to a nearby area that’s safe and let them do their job and save your baby.

And once your baby is safely out of the wreckage of the car accident, you should tell the police what happened, every detail. Once you’re done giving your statement to the police, you should accompany the emergency medical services team if needed.

Have a pediatrician take a close look at your baby’s condition after the car accident. As you and the emergency medical services team who responded to the site of the car accident rush your baby to a hospital, you might think that getting any doctor for your baby would do. However, not all doctors know how to treat baby-specific medical conditions and injuries, which is why you should get a pediatrician to provide your baby’s medical care.

Replace your baby’s car seat with a brand new one regardless if was damaged beyond repair as a result of the car accident or not. The car seat sustained some damage to it whether visible or otherwise.

As much as you might want to reuse your baby’s car seat, there’s no guarantee at all that it will protect your baby in case both of you get involved again in another car accident.

Thus, you should ditch your baby’s car seat and buy a new one instead.

If you’ve hired a nanny or a sitter, notify them of the car accident that both of you got involved in so that they’ll be more careful when handling your baby as he or she heals from any injuries.

As the pediatrician who checked on your baby may have recommended, certain measures are needed to make sure that your baby won’t be harmed any further after falling victim to a car accident. Always relay all important information to your child’s nanny or sitter, so they can adjust their schedule and routine accordingly and more properly handle your baby.

File a compensation claim against the insurance provider of the driver who crashed into your car and almost killed your baby. Aside from giving you much pain and suffering, a car accident can cause a deep trauma to you or your baby, which can affect physical and mental development later in life.

You can minimize the shock that the car accident has left on both you and your baby by pursuing a compensation claim against the insurance provider of the reckless driver responsible for causing the said incident to happen. You can then use the money that you’ll receive from the reckless driver’s insurance provider to pay for your baby’s medical bills and ensure them a fast recovery and return to normal life.

Check Your Baby’s Weight

Has your baby periodically been checked by the pediatrician in case any injuries from the car accident show up weeks or even months after the said incident happened? Some car accident injuries don’t show up that easily which can lead you to thinking that your baby’s fine even despite the car accident that happened to both of you.

Check Your Baby’s Weight

You might be surprised to find out though that your baby suddenly displays symptoms of an injury resulting from the car accident that both of you got involved in even if it has been weeks or even months since it occurred.

Regularly seeing your baby’s pediatrician whether your child has shown any possible symptoms of an injury related to the car accident or not allows you to closely monitor its overall health and prepare for any additional medical treatment that your baby might be asked to undergo aside from the ones they’re currently receiving.

According to the nonprofit organization Safe Kids Worldwide, more than 2,000 children get caught in a car accident every single day, with a certain portion of that statistic being babies. You wouldn’t want your little bundle of joy taken away from you at a very early age, which is why you strived to do everything you can to protect them from the harm that a car accident can cause. But when you and your baby do get caught in a car accident, you should do the above things and call a lawyer right away so you can be justly compensated for any injuries that you and your baby received as a result of the said incident. You may click here to know more about your legal options.

Author: Dianna Charles

Dianna Charles is a promising, young law enthusiast who hopes to bring her youthful spirit to her field. She tries to add a refreshing modern take to topics on the legal world that people can learn from. Dianna enjoys her free time with friends and family, and loves to cook for them.


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