7 everyday activity child routine
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7 everyday activities you should add to your child’s routine

Parenting is the world’s toughest job. The best part of parenting is to manage a proper routine for your child. Adding few of the energetic and highly creative activities can be influential in building their strong mental health, upgrading their creative skills and in developing the finest qualities like tolerance, patience, cleanliness, and above all is time management.

Learning, in essence, is to indulge in creative activities that help the child to adapt to different situations faster than the conventional rote system can do. So, while you are thinking of making follow-ups for your child, plan the activities that are based on their interests. Give them time to explore their hidden potentials. Let their energies get invested in various recreational works, their progressive behaviors will astonish you very soon. Experts always suggest healthy ADLs (activities of daily life) as the necessary part of a daily routine.

7 everyday activities you should add to your child’s routine

Below are the 7 suggested activities that can activate your child’s mind and body to a great extent:

1. Get an Electric Scooter:

According to your child’s interest, if he/she loves riding an electric scooter, then let them have fun with their scooters daily. Most beneficial part of an electric scooter is that it promotes outdoor activities and, therefore, it encourages your child to interact with the surrounding nature and use his sense to the utmost. It will improve his mental and physical health. Moreover, his level if alertness will increase to the optimum.

baby electric scooter for kids

An electric scooter is compatible, light-weighted, and quite affordable. It is a popular toy among children nowadays.

As they are budget savers and need to get invested in only once, a lot of parents opt for them. Children do not lose interest in their favorite scooter within a day of buying it. Rather it is an exciting activity for them on a daily basis.

Surprisingly, it helps to strengthen your child’s muscles along with the proper functioning of the heart and lungs. It aids your child in balancing the weight hence promotes the core strength of the body. This activity is environment-friendly. If you want to get one for your child online, hop to scooter scouters to get the best ones.

2.  Involve in Martial Arts:

Don’t be afraid! Martial art doesn’t mean that your child will become a fighter. It’s the art of learning about how to defend their selves in the hours of danger.

Martial Arts

Learning the martial art will give your child supreme self-confidence, focus, and stillness. It will control their hyperactive behavior as it usually calms the mind. It teaches a sense of athleticism to the little one. The young mind learns to stay alert, updated, and balanced in unforeseen circumstances. His alert behavior also aids in his higher level of learning at school. Furthermore, Martial arts can help children in paving their way to hidden potential.

It is a great activity to prevent obesity in young children that is more of an epidemic. As more and more children are depending on junk food, the higher is the rate of obesity and inactivity. On the contrary, martial arts promote flexibility, strength, stamina, and toning of the body.

3. Swimming:

little girl swimming

Swimming is one of the best activities for your child. It helps them learn discipline as it is based on ‘consistency’ as the first learning step. It strengthens the body via cardio-vascular fitness and it makes the muscles stronger. It balances the body posture and flexibility. It is the best workout for your child. As based on your child’s interest, swimming can be the most enjoyable part of their day.

Swimming also aids in relaxing a stressed-out body of the child. Due to study pressure, a child can face the problems of stress, anxiety, and depression. Swimming is a great way to regulate their hormones and, in turn, their moods.

4. Art and Craft Activities:

Art and Craft Activities

The work of art and craft can help the child in exploring their recreational energies. There are many kinds of techniques used in this work. Let your child explore their inner guts. The work of art and crafts includes painting activities, 3D art and sculptures, collage art, clay and play Dough, watercolor drawings and the work on the stained glass.

Creativity is the job of our right side of the brain. Arts and crafts boost that creativity. Thus, it balances the more rational, judgmental, inflexible, and calculated left part of the brain. It is creativity that makes people succeed in life. Try to balance your child’s creative interests with the rational ones.

5. Daily Diary Writing: 

Daily Diary Writing

Diary writing is the technique that develops the habit of explaining oneself in the most feasible way. It develops self-awareness and makes it easier for your child to recognize his/her inappropriate behaviors that need to be changed.

Dairy writing also helps in calming a child’s emotions. It controls their anger. If your child is an introverted person then encourage him to write his/her personal things in dairy. Encourage your child to narrate his/her daily activities in the dairy. It will develop the communication power and an exceptional expression of the child.

6. Brain Games:

Brain Games

Give your child some time to solve the riddles and puzzles. The brain activators are the quiz competition activities. They are one of the best mind exercises for children’s intellectual power. There are thousands of different types of quiz activities you can find online that are based on different subjects and are of different levels. They help to increase their I.Q. They will improve their memory power and strategy planning. They will also enhance their speed of reaction on the matters of serious concern that require a high level of concentration.

7. Gardening:


Let your child love nature. Gardening is the best activity that allows your child to secretly interact with nature. Spend some time of the day in your garden. Help your child in digging and planting the seeds. Then, guide him to take proper care of his plant by watering it daily. It will develop the love of nature in your child. Gardening helps in refreshing their minds. Moreover, being a caretaker of another living being develops a sense of responsibility in them and increases affection in their nature.

About the Author:

Lara Stewart

Lara Stewart is a fitness expert and gym owner. She is obsessed with physical health as well as healthy eating. She has in-depth knowledge about the fitness needs of the body and how one can stay healthy on a budget. Apart from all this, she regularly posts on Scooter Scouter.

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Monika Wrobel

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  1. Thank you for these great suggestions, Lara. I take care of my nephew before and after school, and I am always wondering what we should be doing together. I hate to let him waste the afternoon on the computer, and he doesn’t always have homework. I think I will try and get him to journal with me as a daily practice. He could use a bit more self-awareness! (As could we all…) Great post!

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